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How to Present Your Business Premises in a Virtual Tour

If you’re planning to offer a virtual tour of your business premises then you don’t just invite the team over with their Matterport cameras, you have to provide some of the magic all by yourselves.

Think about what you want to show off most

Obviously, this depends on what the nature of your business is. If you’re running a car body shop, then you’ll want to show off your machinery. If a few gorgeous cars just happen to get into the shots then that’s no problem, either. If, on the other hand, you’re a deli, then you need virtual visitors to be able to browse your wares.

It’s also a good idea to show people if you have disabled access, too. Many potential visitors need to know this before they set off to you and if you don’t get to the phone or answer the email in time, they may head to a rival instead. If they can see your ramp on your tour, you’ve got it made.

Clean the place as if your life depends on it

Because the future of your business does rest quite a bit on this newest of first impressions! Everything must sparkle and there must be no clutter or unnecessary equipment, boxes, papers or even people! Just let your premises do the talking for you.

You’ll have to book the filming for out-of-hours

Even if you have charming and handsome staff and clients, they can’t be in the picture! You need the place to be vacated for the scanning so that you don’t get any strange humanoid figures popping up out of nowhere to give visitors a fright! Your tour is supposed to entice people into your business, not give them nightmares!

Remove all evidence of special offers and seasonal decorations

Unless your business is selling Christmas decorations all year round, then you need to be the shop for all seasons so take down anything that indicates the time of year. Similarly, you don’t need banners declaring it’s a 70% off sale, because people might think you’re on perma-sale, which could lead to some awkward conversations…

How to Present Your Business Premises in a Virtual Tour