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Utilise 3D and Captivate Your Audience

A 360-degree 3D tour will capture attention and emotions instantly!

Your social media platform might seem a bit samey now, after almost 15 years. It’s dog photos, depressing or downright terrifying news items and reshares. However, Facebook is still hugely important, with more than half of the world’s marketers saying it’s their main platform.

The flipside of this, however, is that FB is saturated, so you’ll need to stand out from the competition. You need to get immersive and 3D.

Get your 360 logo

If you decide to have a 3D tour of your business premises, then Facebook will give your video a special 360 logo and it’ll entice viewers to hop in. What’s even better is that the tour can be uploaded unlimited times, so it’s always at the top of your business feed.

People engage more with images and videos

Facebook posts that feature photos, animations and videos get more than twice the amount of attention than posts without visuals. If you can really offer your audience something extra (beyond the cat video, that is…) then you’ll seriously get them going. Immersive VR tours will attract people in even if they’re not your target audience – some of them will become your target audience once they’ve seen you though…

YouTube is firing on all cylinders, too

VR is now open and available to everyone – whether it’s an escape room experience or your aromatherapy massage studio, your viewers can step into it and take a good look around, from any angle. 3D tours are shot in first person, so it’s as if the camera isn’t even there, offering viewers that all-important immersive experience.

How to use the new tech and stay ahead of your rivals

Get mobile!

While 360 tours work well on PCs and laptops, there’s something really engaging about seeing them on a mobile device. Maybe it’s the immediacy of using a finger or tilting and turning the device, but people are more “there” than with a laptop screen. It’s dynamic viewing; rather than just schlubbing out in front of a big screen, people are craning their necks, moving with the scene and…making it move!

The potential is huge

We love watching videos! 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every day, all over the world and this appetite is only going to grow as smartphones penetrate the market further. Almost 80% of users will watch a video, whereas only 20% will read all of an article or other written content.

People are more likely to remember videos and then visit the company website after watching video content and website visitors are two-thirds more likely to buy a product if they’ve seen it in action.

If your 3D tour is also optimised to appear in Google searches, then you’re going global!

What’s even better is that YouTube and Facebook will host your tour video – for free – for as long as you have a Gmail account. Your content is also future-proofed against upgrades.

All this and 50% more chance of customers buying from you!

What’s not to love? Go 3D!

Utilise 3D and Captivate Your Audience