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A 3D Scan Can Hire Your Venue Out for You!

A 3D Scan Can Hire Your Venue Out for You!

Finding a venue to hire for any kind of function can be quite a drawn-out process, especially if someone is out of state or seriously pushed for time.

Almost everyone will want to visit your hall or theatre to check it out and see if it’s big enough for their wedding guests, or for their am-dram production, the props and the audience.

Lots of potential clients come along to look before deciding to choose another venue and while you probably accept this as part of the game, the hours you spend showing prospects around will never be recouped.

Offering an immersive visit increases your conversions

Your pinpoint accurate 3D scan lets people walk around your hall even if they’re in another state or on another landmass. Just being able to peek into every corner and side room, walk up and down stairs and jump off the stage means that people will have a better idea as to whether they want to hire your place or not.

If they do like the look of your venue, then the in-person viewing is more likely to be a success. If they don’t think your stage is big enough, then they can save their time – and yours – by looking elsewhere.

You can double your traffic

Venues with 3D scans that are listed in portals and marketplaces get twice as many views as those that don’t. An immersive virtual visit can reduce the need for walkthroughs, which vastly speeds up the booking process.

Event planners love a 3D scan!

Part of the job of an event planner is to go to the venue several times to measure up, arrange tables and other essential equipment, then go back and rearrange it! Using a virtual walkthrough gives the planner a head-start in this process and makes for a smoother event on the big day.

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A 3D Scan Can Hire Your Venue Out for You!